Zhang han and zhang shuang dating

“Many years ago, I also wanted to get married, but right now, [that dream] has been shattered,” said Zheng Shuang, implying that she and Hans had officially split up.

She and Hans met on the set of sequel and their many subsequent collaborations, culminating in 2013, when Zheng Shuang officially went public with their romance.

In fact, she was offered a role in the My Fair Princess remake after MS2.

Following the establishment of his studio in 2015, Zhang announced that he would be taking part in the production of two upcoming dramas, The Rhapsody of a Summer Dream and Paris is Not in a Good Mood.

I think this is something that can be talked about openly.

You said you struggled a bit with the idea of going under knife? If something catches my interest I’ll want to try it out, but nothing illegal.

Finally, after years of ambiguity regarding her relationship with Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang decided to tackle two of the most feared topics in the entertainment industry in one go. Maybe it’s like Zheng Shuang says in the interview: I think it’s due to the difference in time period/generation.

Based on my age and experience, I don’t regard [plastic surgery] as a secret or private matter.

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But no one in the industry would willingly admit to getting cosmetic surgery. You’re not going to follow the industry’s standard procedure? Most actresses wouldn’t answer like this, directly calling someone out for noise marketing. If you’re not afraid to do it, then don’t be afraid to be talked about.

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