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It’s understood that sometimes shit happens that’s nobody’s fault and that’s one of the risks of sex.

However, a condom being removed an accident; it’s a deliberate choice by the person doing the removing – and that changes the equation dramatically.

Continuing to have sex without consent would be rape. It all becomes part of the game of “rape blackjack”, where the goal is to get as close as one can get to something being rape without When we talk about stealthing being a form of rape, people will crawl out of the woodwork to insist that it isn’t.

They will concern-troll that calling it rape will trivialize “real” rape victims.

One of the most common responses is a insisting that this is no different than women lying about being on the Pill or sabotaging condoms to get pregnant.

Others will call for a slippery slope argument, insisting that penalizing stealthing means that condom slippage or breakage could lead to a man being thrown in jail for rape. But whether it happens or not doesn’t mitigate or change the situation when a partner removes the condom. Male abusers will sabotage their partner’s birth control to get them pregnant and use that pregnancy as greater leverage.) The issue isn’t pregnancy – after all, stealthing happens to gay men as well as women.

According to Huff Po – and the many outlets that boosted the signal – it’s a practice that’s on the rise, with online communities devoted to teaching men how to “stealth” others. Other parts of Brodsky’s study focus on the online communities where “stealthing” is not only advocated but One thing that’s important to note: stealthing isn’t something that exclusively happens to women.

In fact, nonconsensual condom removal happens to gay and bi men with similar levels of frequency.

Meanwhile the perpetrators will refuse to acknowledge that they had done anything wrong.If it didn’t happen as the law says, then it couldn’t possibly be rape.Never mind that date rape and marital rape were once considered to not be rape under the law, either.Removing condoms during sex also exposes the non-consenting partner to potential sexually transmitted infections that could lead to blindness, infertility or , this is has significantly higher consequences than just pregnancy to the non-consenting partner.But the arguments about equivalency is a derailment, not a legitimate rejoinder.

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