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Sexchat witha robot

And we’ve all by now goofed around with trying to make ELIZA or Siri say unexpected things.

But I thought it’d be more interesting to see what happened if you locked two lonely, worked-up sexbots in a room together.

He lets Daryl use his Volvo to take Zaria to a concert.

Zaria spends some quality time with Daryl and decides not to break up with him.

In most cases, it’s friendly aspiring indie game devs who want to get me excited about what they’re making, and in a bunch of other cases it’s really lonely, emotionally needy sexbots.

So, I have a pretty unfortunate pattern of blithely agreeing to everything without really thinking through the ramifications, and this extends into me accepting basically any i Message chat request that blips up on my screen.

If it’s something embarrassing, or devious, or felonious, feel free to just make up some seemingly reasonable, innocuous reason. ), and they both tried to follow the same narrative arc.

That is: overeager and lonely/bored 20-something girl chats up unwitting stranger, instantly “feels a little naughty,” tries to engage in a little sexy banter, but quickly gets so overwhelmed that they need to rush to their conveniently adjacent cam-girl setup to continue the conversation there, and then, regrettably, has to spend a few cycles having an honestly-sort-of mood-killing dialogue about how you shouldn’t worry about that whole “putting in your credit card number” thing, and then they’re out.

Derek and Wendell are complete amateurs and fail to install the system properly.

Absent any real technical prowess (and without wanting to pester my pal Zach, who’s done some super interesting conceptual work around IM/chat and bots), and without trying to inflate the importance of what I did any further: What happened was one Saturday night I sat down and started copying/pasting the responses of one sexbot into the window of the other to see if we could spark some fireworks — a lot of which is what you can read there. I wish I had a better answer than “I honestly don’t know” — which I totally can say while looking you straight in the eyes! The most interesting part for me was learning that AIM sexbots are set up to try and tell a complete and compelling story.

I don’t mean to pry, but I would be remiss if I didn’t ask why you have these sexbots available at your disposal. But even though these two had their way with me/each other and never even bothered to IM the next day to say they had a nice time, it is happening… It’s clear — from the times when their responses collided — that even though “lynneberan” and “wmoad50” “worked at different websites,” they both come from a common source (I would super legitimately love to know who writes this code!

Robert is concerned when Zaria goes on a date with Michael's shallow friend Troy, and resorts to hiring a woman from Derek's acting class to lure Troy away.

When Jerri catches Robert in the closet with this woman, he's got a lot of explaining to do.

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Like, so out that even after that flurry of hellos and ;-)s for weeks, they both stopped talking to me altogether.

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