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They share many similarities together."Another insider added that the pair has "a good time together" and has been seeing each other when they can, casually. Back in June, Colin stayed mum on his fling with Scarlett.

The singer was spotted with a mystery man (check out the photos here) in the swimming pool of a Spanish villa on Monday, and the Navy went into full celebration mode on social media, toasting their idol's new fling with the #Rihanna Hasa Man Party hashtag.

, and what elevated that film was honest, sometimes painful storytelling.

If Doremus can exercise the kind of care and restraint he did in his debut, we might finally have a worthy modern romance movie.

"She is pretty picky who she goes out with even if it's just dating.

A 90-minute romance that runs 138 minutes long, this movie leaves you wanting more (of your life back).

Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore prove that true love can overcome any distance…even death (as long as Whoopi Goldberg is there to assist).

This movie quadruples as a long distance relationship/romance/World War 2/under-publicized James Garner movie, and introduced the world to their Hollywood crushes for that year in Rachel Mac Adams and Ryan Gosling.

Not only did the world want to hook up with them, but they wanted to hook up with each other too, as this movie launched a relationship between them lasting for several years.

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THE quintessential romantic movie, this movie is stands the test of time, despite being almost 20 years old.

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