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Happyslip dating

So much so that, a year and a half later, her Happy Slip channel is the fifth most subscribed on You Tube.

To date, her videos have been watched more than 36 million times, with Asian Americans making up the bulk of her fan base (though she does note that people from every ethnic background write her, "saying 'That's exactly my family, and I'm not even Filipino!

It helps to know that he has a pre-existing consumer base of more than 40,000 subscribed fans eager to buy the end result, sight unseen.

As for Gambito, her days of late have been filled with going to network meetings and serving the role bestowed upon her by the Philippine government as an ambassador of tourism; meanwhile, Choi was hired by Warner Chappell as a staff songwriter-producer and got the chance to create a track for rising Interscope Records band Flipsyde.

See, my theory is that few candidates actually have a plan to make things better, but they want to get elected because, well, it’s a paid gig. We get all of these mailing and see all of these commercials before the elections, but afterwards it’s like a media ghost town.

You know, while I’m happy with the outcome, it had gotten to a point where I didn’t care who won just so long as all of the friggin attack commercials and stupid snail mailings would stop.

Except that he's not, strictly speaking, a "comedian." In fact, most of his videos consist of nothing more than Kevin talking about stuff that Kevin finds interesting, weird or irritating.

And yet, they've received nearly 30 million views because Kevin just talking is, well, pretty hilarious. On the Internet, celebrities get exposed as real people (Lindsay Lohan picks her nose!

Upgrade to a Premium Subscription to load the site without ads. But perhaps the most intriguing top You Tube personality is also one of the youngest: 17-year-old Kevin "Kev Jumba" Wu, who, over the course of just months, went from obscurity to You Tube's No.1 most subscribed comedian (and third most subscribed You Tuber of all time).So, they flood our mailboxes and TVs with crap in an effort to beat us into voting submission. Once these guys (and gals) get into office you hardly ever hear from them, and frankly, do you really care to hear from them?I think that’s also part of their insidious plan; after being flooded with politics for more than year the average person is so relieved after first Tuesday in November that they don’t want to ever hear from elected officials again.

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If you continue to get 50k views per video & want help making this a reality, fill out the following and a member of the Social Blade / Semaphore Brand Intergration Team will get back to you soon! Please consider adding Social to your adblock whitelist.

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