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n the first one, she’s simply twisting her body so her stomach isn’t seen by the camera: “This is the problem with the internet.

A lot of women only post pictures like the one on the left & at the exact same time they also look like the picture on the right, but if we only see the skinny pic, we think they 'have the perfect body' & internalize the idea that we don't.” Preach.

BLOATING 😩 I've been feeling pretty stressed the past few weeks and have suffered with severe bloating most days, not sure why 🤔 But yesterday it hit a whole new level 😭 I want this photo to prove that no, I don't walk around with abs every day.

In fact, it's a shock if I still have them by lunchtime 😂 (this is me standing normally, not pushing my stomach out) So just a little reminder to use IG for inspiration and to motivate you rather than to compare yourself to!

I honor those feelings you have & share them with you at times. Neither invites degrading comments and neither invites sleezy words.(I filmed myself doing this for you on my You Tube) As a model in the industry 13years I've seen nearly all the pics chosen of me for lingerie & swimwear shoots are the ones where my stomach looks flattest. As I'm getting older, I have cellulite and stretch marks that aren't going away, and I welcome them. The Trump Administration is conjuring up the idea that “Black Identity Extremists” are a threat to our communities, particularly the safety of the brave men and women who serve in law enforcement.There is just one problem though: there is no such movement.

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No serious journalists or academics have written about or even found that “Black Identity Extremists” exist.

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