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Lastly, millions of single parents make it on their own...going to school, juggling work and finances. They are children and they will expect your guidance, attention and nurturing because that's what we as adults and parents are supposed to do, not what we want to do. I believe the OP stated that his drug abuse started AFTER she got pregnant - when he realized he wasn't ready for it all. My ex and I bought a house, had a dog,the white picket fence... and then he woke up one day and realized that he had everything he'd always wanted and HOLY CRAP he wasn't ready for it.Instead of getting help, he accepted drugs from a coworker - it went downhill from there - By the time I left him, he was smoking crack when no one was looking.I received this book free through the Goodreads First Reads Giveaway program.First, tlet me state that I didn't know that the world of online dating was that tedious.I strive to show them some of the world as they grow so they realize the benefits they have...they realize the need for hard work and an education so they can provide for themselves..opposed to looking for someone else to pay their way. Dad's a junkie and Mom wanted to have a child with a junkie. What did you expect from someone that takes illegal drugs? I get not a single dime in child support from my first wife for my 3 eldest children nor do I ask for it because she uses SSI as a crutch and she's able bodied enough to work. What I care about is my children first or foremost. Get the counseling and move on with your life...because one day sooner than you think, he will be dead by his own hand and there is not ONE thing on this planet that you will do to cease his destructive behavior.I pay ,000.00 a year in child support on 3 other children that I love as much as my others and can't see them because their mom is a nut. He made his choice to choose drugs over you and your child..of story.

I have for the past 20 years of working as a Firefighter and a Medic seen first hand what drugs can do the the human mind, body and spirit and it's 95% irreversible.Yes, its humiliating, and it feels degrading, and yes, I could have gone back to work full time - but the end result of the business will be better than me working full time right now.So for the first 6 months, when I had to 'lend' money to the business so the business could keep going, sometimes we went to the food bank for the non-perishables, which made our grocery bill a little easier to handle as I only needed to purchase the fresh stuff. I'm p1ss-poor broke, but doesn't mean I don't enjoy the 'finer things' in life - I choose not to indulge (and choose to pay rent lol), but doesn't mean I don't enjoy them.Its a decision you made, and you chose to go back to school - I commend you on that. Be happy OP - and know that YOU didn't drive him to his addiction - HE did.You do what you feel is best for you and your daughter. You are only responsible for your own actions, not his.

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OP - I've been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt. He adores his daughter, and providing his random drug tests come back clean he can see his daughter whenever he wants. I must say, he's had an amazing support system - but he came to realize that he was going to die if he kept going, and he wanted to see his daughter grow up.

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