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Dating game questions for bridal shower

If the couple plans to feed one another cake at their wedding reception, a round of practice is a wise precaution.

Of course, the blindfolds for this game make that practice more challenging, but leave the silverware behind!

The game could be organized as a challenge for the guests (whoever answers the most questions correctly may win a prize) or for the couple themselves to test their knowledge of one another.

Questions might include topics such as childhood pets and fantasies, favorite music, relationship history, and other details.

I absolutely loved it and made it for another friend’s bachelorette party last year, too!

Another variation is to create a secret love code the couple can share through text messaging.The idea of a couple's shower honors the fact that it takes two to be married, and both the bride and groom deserve recognition and celebration together before the big day.These parties are similar to bridal showers, complete with food, games, and gifts for the soon-to-be newlyweds.The bride is blindfolded, then every man at the party - including her future husband - gives her a kiss on the cheek, and she needs to pick out which one is her fiance.Add other categories for more fun, such as which one is her husband's best man or her brother. A quick icebreaker party game is to make anagrams or word searches from the happy couple's full names.

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