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To complicate matters further, there may be MIDI tracks as well as audio, and the target studio/artist may require full MIDI editing control as well, to do what’s needed.Unfortunately, there’s no one all-encompassing solution to this.(Fig 3) Pro Tools Edit Menu "Consolidate Clip"In fact, this term has become so common that many people casually use it to describe any type of track export.However, if volume/pan/mix/plugin effects need to included, then the tracks must be exported using the Bounce function (File menu), where what you hear is what you get.When this decision has been made, the choice will determine the specific method used for exporting the tracks.

It may take some extra time, but the end results will be true to what the project sounded like in the source DAW.The downside is that there are no more separate regions in each track, which may have been helpful if the arrangement is to be further edited, though that’s usually not a major issue.Each DAW has its own way (actually, multiple ways) of doing this, and there are a number of considerations.When they work, they can bring in a full complement of multiple regions properly positioned on the timeline, recreating the original arrangement.But because of the often spotty results, a lot of engineers and producers prefer to use the one tried-and-true method for exchanging project data—manual exchange.

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(Fig 7) Logic X File Menu "Export Selection As MIDI File"A Standard MIDI File contains multiple separate MIDI tracks, with all MIDI data (notes and controllers), as well as the Tempo setting or Tempo map from the original session, which (optionally) can be imported into the target session, to insure the MIDI tracks stay in time with any audio tracks from the same session.

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