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In my experience, if the lightsaber discussion with Atton is dismissed, the default lightsaber of the Exile is single-bladed, and the colour depends on her class (yellow for the Sentinal class, blue for Guardian and green for Consular).

This is shown during the Trial of the Exile cinematic, where she proceeds to stab her ignited lightsaber into the center stone. In my experience, if you save before you get the crystal or crystals from Jorran on Dantooine, you can get a different crystal color every time you open the file.

The rest of the "alternative" data about the Exile from the video game works just fine as a BTS section.

There's no reason why both sides can't be presented, but they're (unfortunately) not equal, and shouldn't be presented as such.

From that conversation the game seems to imply that the Exile knows only a limited amount of languages, and surely not one as obscure as Shyriiwook. So here's an idea: we create two seperate articles! Now, in order to avoid people getting their panties in a knot, we could name the article (gasp! Now, fulfilling this feat is not for the weak of mind; it is something that only the brightest of this community can contemplate on.

As far as I can tell, the only languages that the Exile has been confirmed as knowing on her own is galactic basic and droid speak. After all, the last thing we want is an article labeled, "MALE JEDI EXILE LOL!!!

And if you look at the cheat codes for the game, it gives a cheat to give you a CYAN LIGHTSABER CRYSTAL.

She defeated Darth Nihilus,discouarge Sion, and killed Kreia.

Sion and Nobody were easy, but defeating Kreia was amazing feat.

Do you think we ought to make some reference to that in the P&A section?

The masters at the Enclave said that her power came from "leeching" off of others.

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Do the same for KOTOR1 and we've got two very full, very rich articles right there.

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