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She even has one installed on the bridge of the Black Knights' flagship, the Ikaruga.Rakshata is not fond of speaking of the past for unknown reasons.She is very proud of her accomplishments especially when seeing them perform to their fullest, and has been shown several times to be quite intelligent and perceptive, though these traits also give Rakshata a certain amount of arrogance.

In Season 2, Rakshata was able to develop a similar Float System called the Air Glide System for the Black Knights' Knightmares.After the Black Knights have regrouped, Zero decides to capture the newly appointed viceroy of Area 11, Nunnally vi Britannia.Rakshata is able to save Kallen by introducing her newly developed, Air Glide System which allowed the Guren Mk-II to upgrade into the Guren Flight-Enabled Version.Upon the formation of the UFN and the reorganization of the Black Knights as its military force, Rakshata is designated as the Chief of Science, similar to her previous position within the Black Knights.She reacts to the Black Knights' betrayal of Zero with apathy, more concerned with the aftermath. Fuji, Rakshata appears with Lloyd and the others, questioning them on why they decided to betray Lelouch.

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Hearing him sound so scared, has Rakshata reinforce the order to all members of the Black Knights.

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