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Anal chat us

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locale=en_US&article Id=20221Secondly, yes, they do do things to people who do this.Instead, there could be a feature where you pick specific words, for example anal, and any trade chat post that includes that word will be blocked for you.That way, anyone not interested in seeing 12 year olds laugh at themselves as they spam anal in trade chat don't have would help? Prompt reporting of the offenders (and using the Report Spam feature is fine for this sort of thing) is the way to go.________________________________________________Customer Support Forum MVPHDL - - [email protected]"As with other situations, the key seems to be giving Jayne a heavy stick and standing back." -- Inara QFT. I instantly and instinctively click report spam on them. My guess is that most people that participate in this activity aren't otherwise as immature as this implies, but they just suffered from a momentary lapse of judgement.I just want to get the immediate spam silenced, and the report spam feature does nicely for this.I didn't suggest filtering the four letters a-n-a-l.

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