100 mature muslim matrimonial forum dating site

"You know the very fact that they're on a Muslim site, already shows that they have a different intention in mind.

"You have a generation of young Muslims growing up here, and I suppose some of the methods that people may have used from their parents' home country may not necessarily be appealing or applicable to Muslims growing up in a Western context," Gamieldien said.

"We're seeing an increasing number of young Muslims entering into higher education.

And that is creating a need for suitably educated partners especially from a women's perspective." Gender roles are also evolving within the Western Muslim community, which is creating further complications.

"We're expected to find Muslim partners and then simultaneously, we're actually prevented from getting to know anyone of the opposite gender until there's a sudden burst or urgency to find a partner." "But then, to find someone, we have to follow this culturally dictated process like sending biodata to our grandmothers, or having family-sanctioned meetings.

And yet outside, in the rest of our lives, we can meet and hang out with anyone that we want." He said these "culturally sanctioned processes" seemed artificial for many young Muslims in the West who are looking for love.

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Jessa, founder of Salaam Swipe, also insisted that using a Muslim dating app is a good indicator of one's commitment to their faith and cultural values.

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